Become a Terminal Pro

System Info - Os, CPU, GPU

 lsb_release -a    #print distribution specific info
 nproc - display number of cores in a CPU
 cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep processor | wc -l #show no. of cpu
 lscpu  #show cpu architecture
 lspci #list all pci connections
 lspci | grep VGA #show graphic card details
 lspci -v -s 00:02.0 #show graphic card details
 sudo dmidecode -t 16 #maximum ram supported & available slots
 sudo lshw -C memory  #all hardware memory info


&       - run a job in background
jobs -l - list jobs will PID
fg, bg  - switch jobs from background to foreground
disown  - detach a process from terminal
nohup   - ignore SIGHUP signal sent by terminal
ps -ef  - list all process
ps x -o  "%p %r %y %x %c "   #process with id & parent id
nice -n 19 command - run this command with lowest priority
2>/dev/null 1>/dev/null google-chrome &
ps axjf  #get process group id


ls -l | awk '{ print $5  }'
ls -l | awk '{ print $2, '\t', $1  }'
awk 'BEGIN { print "Last \t Job"  } { print $2, '\t', $4  }'
cat test.txt | awk '{print NR, NF, $0 }'
ls -l | awk '{ if ( NF >= 9  ) { print $9  }  }'


sed -n 5p file          #print line 5 from file
sed -n '5,10p' file     #print 5 to 10 lines
sed -i '$ d' foo.txt    #delete last line of file


 grep -rl "django" /path/to/dir/  # search for string in all files
 grep -v 'django'  # grep for non matching lines
 ps -ef | grep '[c]elery'    #grep ps without grep


 #write permissions for pendrive
 sudo mount -o remount,rw '/media/SGTL MSCN'

playing with files

 wc -L file  #line which is max length in file
 head -n -1 foo.txt #show foo.txt without last line

 split -b 1024 big_file small_file_prefix
 split -l 1000 big_file small_file_prefix

 # run bash as sudo to append file
 sudo bash -c "cat in_file >> append_file"
 cat in_file | sudo tee -a append_file

bzip2 file  #compress
bunzip2 file.bz2 #decompress
gzip file
zip file


 #show other computers in lan
 avahi-browse -tl _workstation._tcp

 ssh user@host

 rsync -a user@host:/path/to/dir /path/to/target
 options: -avn :: archive, verbose, dry run

 rfkill list #show status of wireless devices
 ifconfig # show ip, mac address


top -> 1 - show cpu core usage
    -> n set number of tasks
    -> W write .toprc config file.

 alias ls='ls -a'

 sudo passwd #set a single char password

 df -h  #show file system disk usage
 du -ksh /var/lib/mysql/    #mysql data usage
 du -hs #show human readable summary of disk usage
 du -d=1  # --max-depth = 1
 du /var/lib/mysql/ -sh